Sacred Blue  by Julie Bond
Width: 40.00"
Height: 60.00"
x 1.00" deep
Media: oil
Surface: box canvas. cotton

A blue haze surrounds a young elephant. According to the oriental traditions and feng shui, the elephant symbolizes power, strength, wisdom and longevity and above all...happiness. The sides of the canvas are painted as part of the artwork and so this picture does not need to have a frame. Techniques – I use a traditional process of painting with oils that creates the desired effect of delicate finely detailed work with an almost translucent finish. I started the painting in Grisaille - a tonal picture of greys and then several layers of fine blue glazes were applied over a period of several months and a final coat of varnish used to seal the painting. This piece is currently in the Saatchi 'showdown' online exhibition.

Packaged, insured and delivered by art courier this piece also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Availability: despatched within five working days

Sacred Blue

£ 2000 

Original oil Painting