Venus Tears by Julie Bond
Width: 59.00"
Height: 39.40"
x 1.00" deep
Media: oil
Surface: box canvas. cotton
"Deep-hearted, pure, with scented dew still wet..... Love long has taken for his amulet." Five Roses fallen on a stone cill, the tiny droplets of water on the petals are symbolic of the falling tears of Venus, Goddess of love. Ancient beliefs suggest that roses grew where the tears of Venus fell to the ground. The sides of the canvas are painted white so this picture does not need to have a frame. Techniques – I use a process of traditional painting that creates the desired effect of delicate finely detailed work with an almost translucent finish . The picture was originally painted in Grisaille - a tonal picture of greys and then several layers of fine glazes are applied over a period of several months and a final coat of varnish is used to seal the painting. Tiny water droplets are delicately painted on the rose petals and water spills from the stone cill where the roses have fallen. The cill and background is painted in more of an abstract style to contrast the soft delicate realism of the roses. Packaged, insured and delivered by art courier this piece also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.
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Venus Tears

£ 3900 

Original Oil Painting